Woodland Management

If you already have a woodland and would like to manage it, we can work with you to  

  • organise works
  • oversee works, or in some cases carry out the work directly ourselves
  • write a woodland management, Certification or FGS forestry management plan

Whatever your situation, we can work with you to ensure the long term health of the woodland habitat is at least maintained and at best, improved.



All of our management plans will include the following:



A Vision


We will work with you to agree on a vision for the woodland. This will be at the centre of any subsequent management plans to ensure that similar work patterns are adopted in the future to mitigate against any environmental and habitat disruption.


A Timeframe


Our management plans will run for a fixed period of time – it could be anything from 5 years to 100 years. We would advise establishing a longer timeframe in order to ensure consistency of management.


A Practical Works Plan


Arguably the most important section: all of our management plans will include a detailed annual works programme to be used as a working document. This means that you will be left with a clear set of scheduled works, which would ensure that your woodland is best managed for nature and for your personal objectives.


TreeWild Woodland Services


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