Woodland Creation

We can help you plan, design and deliver your new woodland planting project wherever and whatever it may be. We specialise in sustainable new woodlands which will have a high environmental value but can also provide financial productivity.


We can give support in the following types of new woodlands:

  • native broadleaf woodlands
  • mixed native broadleaf and conifer woodlands
  • farm woodlands
  • croft woodlands
  • mountain woodlands
  • amenity woodlands



Our services can include the following:


As a basic advisory service on woodland creation, we can

  • undertake a site visit to meet with you and walk around the area you would like to plant
  • conduct background research to determine tree species suitability for your area
  • provide a brief report with our findings and suggestions for planting

Project Planning and Management

Whether you want to plant a few acres on your farm or a large forest across a swathe of countryside, we can take the lead on all aspects of project planning and delivery. Liasing closely with you we will

  • make sure that your new woodland project is well researched, organised and delivered – good logistical planning paramount
  • manage contractors to carry out the practical works (in smaller projects there is scope for us to undertake practical work)
  • in all cases we demand value for money, minimal environmental impact and the highest standard of work

Forestry Grant Applications

If you require grant support, we can

  • work with you to write and submit grants to the Forestry Commission
  • liaise with your local woodland officer to ensure that your grant application has the best chance of success
  • undertake the necessary surveys and produce GIS maps that will be required with your application
  • apply for additional funding to deliver the planting project, should this be required

Long Term Management

Based on your objectives for your new woodland (conservation and/or production) we can write a management plan to ascertain that, over a given period, essential works be carried out, which will ensure that your planting leads to the desired outcome. Most woodlands take many years to establish and may require different levels of intervention or management. All this can be taken into account to provide you with a bespoke plan for your woodland.


"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn."

TreeWild Woodland Services


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Email:  info@tree-wild.co.uk