Tree Safety

Whilst living alongside trees in natural harmony is our ideal, we know that in today’s busy landscape this is not always achievable.


Trees can contract diseases or develop problems with age, thus compromising their overall structural stability. If these trees are near roads or public areas they may require remedial works to make them safer. Whatever the outcome, we will ensure that safety is our first and foremost consideration.


 As part of our Tree Safety package, we can offer to

  • undertake professional tree inspections on individual or groups of trees and advise on any works that may be required to reduce the risk of the tree causing any damage
  • produce a report and work with a local tree surgeon to ensure on your behalf that works are carried out satisfactorily
  • recommend and carry out works with a sensitivity of the issues surrounding protected species, for example bats
  • include recommendations for enhanced nature value as a result of the tree works

TreeWild Woodland Services


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